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Brand introduction

Brand introduction

Hangzhou Philharmonic Angel Chorus, founded in 1999, is the first private youth choir in our province. Now it is a group member of China Chorus Association.

Under the leadership of the director hong yan and the permanent conductor zhou wei ping, the troupe has gone 22 years' journey, they have grown from nothing, from small to large, and finally become a well-known choir that frequently wins awards in chorus competitions at home and abroad.

In July 2004, it won the gold medal in the third international Olympic chorus competition held in Bremen, Germany. It is the first choir in Zhejiang province to win the highest prize in the world chorus competition.

In July 2006, the choir won the special performance award in the 22nd "bela bartok" international a cappella competition and international folk song festival held in Hungary, and in the same year, the choir won the highest award in the first national children's choir festival jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and the ministry of culture.

In 2007, the choir visited Russia and was named as the musical envoy of the Sino-Russian Culture Year, which was highly praised by the Russian audience. The news of the performance was published in Guangming Daily and Pravda newspaper, and the news of the performance was also broadcast on CCTV news.

Honorary certificate

Honorary certificate

The latest activity

Latest activity

June 12th Philharmonic Angel Junior

 and Intermediate Class Concert

2021 Philharmonic Angel Summer 

Rhyme Concert

2021 Parent-child Music Summer


The Philharmonic Angels Acapella


Tea picking dance - hangzhou philharmonic angel choir

Acapella - Summer Wind - Hangzhou Philharmonic 

Angels Chorus

2017 Praise of Love, Philharmonic Angels & Philharmonic Girls 

Chorus Special Concert Highlights

Highlights of the concert "The World's Promise"






Activity reports

Reports of past events

Chengzhong Xinhua Road Campus

Telephone: 0571-87295667 (Teacher Wei)

3rd floor, Minghe business building, Xinhua Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou

City West Jia Lvjingyuan Campus

Telephone: 0571-88476087 (Mr. Chen)

Address: No. 2-3, Floor 14 Building, Jialu Jingyuan East Garden, Lianhua Street, Xihu District

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